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Eternal classic, LINDA FARROW glasses series of 2017 autumn winters

by:Eugenia     2020-08-30
LINDA FARROW AW17 COLLECTION eternal classic, LINDA FARROW to invite you together the incredibly wonderful journey, for unlimited pleasure leisure, encounter the romantic time. Inspired by the Italian Riviera, it is a golden sunshine, the blue water of the heavens and the earth. Quiet and elegant life rhythm, long, warm evening. Elegant beauty, natural and unrestrained, arbitrary, full of irresistible temptation, LINDA FARROW intoxicated in lazy holiday time together with you! Puyi glasses with LINDA FARROW launched cooperation model, with a ribbon torsion with one of the most popular big round box, the rose gold is lighted up with flashes of luxuriant and moving. Recommended reading: is low-key luxury puyi glasses soft color lenses make a bold and charm, rich tonal give you multiple choice, with a perfect holiday. Thick large frame, frame edge with bold, avant-garde restoring ancient ways, elegant unsurpassed, creating a unique fashion. Metal plane mirror the originality design, match with classical pilot big box, new transparent lens with popular light system, added infinite originality for sunglasses. Fine line be drawn the outline of natural elegance, mottled colors for you to draw a never-ending dream holiday. Puyi glasses with LINDA FARROW take you trace delicate and pure luxury life, with the feelings restoring ancient ways, open a never ending leisure holiday, pursuit of peace of mind and grace.
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