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PANTONE Releases 2023 Color of the Year

PANTONE Releases 2023 Color of the Year


Viva Magenta

The color consulting agency PANTONE released the 2023 popular color - PANTONE 18-1750 Viva Magenta. It is a color rooted in nature, from the red family, "Carmine" that is both cold and warm. The color is inspired by the natural red dye inside the cochineal insect. Pantone hopes that this natural color can help people build inner strength. According to PANTONE's further explanation, this color is both cold and warm, powerful and powerful, inclusive and full of wisdom, and can encourage experimental and boundless self-expression, which is very suitable for the current era characterized by "uncertainty". The age demonstrates faith and hope.


Color of the Year 2022: Very Peri

The characteristics of blue, while maintaining the tone of purplish red, showing wit, joy, and vitality

2010 - 2022 Color of the Year

PANTONE has released fresh colors with low saturation for several years

Wenzhou Eugenia also designed products in this viva magenta

Founded in 2003, Wenzhou Eugenia Eyewear Factory is one of the leading suppliers of sunglasses, reading glasses, and eyewear accessories in Wenzhou China. We have built our good reputation by providing high-quality products and value-added solutions in the industry. 

There are more than 2000 designs in our showroom. And our professional design team can make new designs every week. Most importantly, the home laboratory and strict QC team guarantee your brand quality. We are ready to provide you with excellent service and products.

At the same time, we design new and different styles every week, please pay attention to our website for instant news. The following four sunglasses are the most popular color styles designed by our company in 2023, hope you'll like them.

please contact us or send an inquiry,  and we'll send you the new product catalog in 2023. 

Business manager: Kiki

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Thick Irregular Square Rectangular



Square Cat-Eye New Color



Acetate Optical Glasses



Square Rectangular Transparent

Future Trend

Pantone usually selects the color of the year based on many factors, including colors that have appeared frequently in fashion, vehicle design, home design, and other fields in recent years. As far as the fashion field is concerned, the color of 2023 has been exposed at a certain frequency in the major fashion week shows in the last two seasons.

At present, PANTONE has put the relevant design products of the 2023 color on the shelves, and its annual color cooperation cases with shoe brands and mobile phone brands have also been promoted online.

In the above-mentioned years, PANTONE has released quite small and fresh colors for several years to inspire the public. Afterward, the painting style changed, and through high-saturation colors, it comforted the public to maintain inner stability and tranquility. Research from the advertising industry suggests that the hue will be a fashion and marketing trend for the coming year, just like "Very Peri" in 2022.

As a global color authority, PANTONE selects a color to represent the spirit of the times every year. The color "Carmine Red" will be applied to all walks of life and become the annual popular color.

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