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Europe and the United States star early autumn fashion street snap

by:Eugenia     2020-08-21
Early autumn season very much beautiful eyebrow and start shopping for new clothes for yourself! Europe and the United States star fashion street snap both early autumn season is dressed up, let's catch a glimpse of a variety of clothing collocation of European and American stars! In Los Angeles, American actress Amy rosen ( EmmyRossum) Errands, a set of riding dress up spell able and assertive, pure white chiffon blouse, the curve of the neckline chic black lines to modify the chest, plus a navy blue suit jacket, long money by wearing a pair of tight jeans, match a pair of qiu dong is a typical high boots, clean riding dress up let everybody see stars fall ahead of the fashion wear, does this remind we also want to early ready to fall clothing? In London, rosie, han Paddington, Whitman ( RosieHuntington - Whiteley) Wearing a black GerardDarel brand jumpsuits, perfect street style attracted people's attention immediately. Traditional color with soft powder blue bag, eyeball. With high rosie, moreover, choose a pair of sandals to elongate she is very tall figure, this is really make people pressure surge! Early autumn cool weather, choose such a simple, reveal the feminine long-sleeved jumpsuits, suction eye degree high oh!
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