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European and American actress sunglasses match a set

by:Eugenia     2020-07-29
Into the summer, with dark glasses concave shape fashion moment came! But how to match only outstanding? European and American actress and fashion seems to be inextricably relationship, let us learn to Europe and the United States actress together! He saw little KK, beauty is for sure, but the somebody else is also will take. White T-shirt and black high waist pants and contracted style of dress, but added the Fendi it slightly lively sunglasses, instant absorption eyes have a lot of? Like the black and white ash, the girls try on sunglasses, choose a slightly dynamic sunglasses, go out to lead a lot? Ray-ban RB4257 - Ms F sunglasses 6092/2 hawksbill y/tea Gigi Hadidi is also used to take sunglasses play! ~ both fashion and retro sunglasses, Gigi's face can hold up, wear this is unbelievably beautiful ~ above wearing Illesteva, brown belt half frame sunglasses. Ray-ban RB3532 001/68 gold above the gigi wearing sunglasses are Ray - Ban RB3447, style restoring ancient ways is very full, round lens with gold frame, is very elegant, wear it again put on simple black and white clothes also enough to fashion, Ray - Ban performance-to-price ratio high ~ ray-ban RB3016 sunglasses W0366Ray - both men and women Ban is not only cost-effective, design also many, so women's backpack! Emma Roberts street wear it home plate and frame glasses (brown 雷- 禁止RB3016) With Emma this body is small and pure and fresh leaf is no problem of drops of beauty. It All - Kylie Jenner Did blaCK is cool, although from clothing to shoes are blaCK looks very simple, but Kylie or spend a little attention, with hanging FENDI Pom - The red bag of pom, Technologic pilots wear DIOR sunglasses, give it all - Blaxk adds a lot of fun. Putting a woman wearing floral skirt recently, deserve to go up Cutler and Gross 0811 sunglasses took to the streets of London, the body look pure and fresh and clean and warm, just seconds kill small make up! Cough cough, get back to business, Cutlery and Gross sunglasses putting powder like ah, just the 0811 putting worn many times into the streets, which proves that the brand sunglasses fashionable joker has the potential to! Paris Hilton this body was All - Black oh, wearing GUCCI Injected aviator sunglasses, chao fan. The sunglasses is the classic, large mirror is particularly suitable for face plus sister ~ Paris Hilton look though this airport is black, but how also can not cover the element that charming is spruce. In addition to the grid thanks to a lovely little black dress, also depends on Maison Michel wide-brim hats and Jimmy Choo Dana sunglasses.
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