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Even the casing glasses good-looking?

by:Eugenia     2020-07-22
When it comes to sunglasses not unfamiliar, but when it comes to the frame sunglasses some people frown! Even frame sunglasses is on both sides of the lens will no longer be frames separated respectively, but together; Or even keep picture frame, frame on the bridge of the nose part also and frame be in harmony are an organic whole, more wide, nose clip to hide behind the lens. Speaking of which, are you feel very incredible? Picture is truth, let us take a look at whether even frame sunglasses good-looking! ! ! ! See here if you feel even frame sunglasses have a lot of technology and sporty feeling, can let you cool feeling exponent hurricane dozens of points! This design makes the whole line of sunglasses more fluent and coherent, deserve to go up again as a 'one size fits all' on the straight edge or colored mirror surface, the protagonist in the cool athletes or science fiction equipment is necessary for it! If you still ask the casing glasses good-looking? I just want to say that you are really out! Fashion girls have high over the stadium with it! Its beauty from the enchanting grace, the beauty of it is high and cold, the beauty of it is cool, it is the beauty of the aura, can you hold it? Try it!
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