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Experts read summer about how to choose sunglass

by:Eugenia     2020-08-14
Summer arrived, harmful rays from the sun is not only easy to burn our eyes, it is the chief culprit of senile cataract, choose a pair of qualified sunglasses are very necessary. Full of beautiful things in eyes of
the sunglasses on the market, how to identify their functions and advantages and disadvantages? Shao doctor remind everybody: choose sunglasses, it is fundamental to guarantee the safety of the wearer and vision are not damage, reduce glare, clear vision deformation, uv protection, no distortion of color identification, accurate identification of traffic signals.
sunglasses family variety color lenses

is also called the & # 8220; Dyeing the lens & # 8221; , is in the lens production process, add some chemicals, let the lens present color, to absorb certain wavelengths of light. This is the sun glasses often use lens type.

color lenses it's effect is the same as the color lenses, only made of different ways, it is the color painted on the surface of the lens, the color is the deep, and then gradually down. In general is more for prescription sunglasses.
the polarized lens
in order to filter the sun shone on the water, land, or snow in the direction of equality of dazzling light, join vertical to the special coating on the lens. Suitable for outdoor sports, Such as offshore activities, skiing or fishing When use.
color lenses
add chemicals in lenses, let originally colorless lens, meets the strong ultraviolet radiation, will become a colored lenses, also some people called the & # 8220; The photographic lenses & # 8221; 。 Are mainly used for protection from ultraviolet light to the eyes burn, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, especially in the high altitude ultraviolet region.
to choose what color of the lens good
according to different light sources and occasions, the color of the lens will affect the shading effect, should be depending on the required activities. A lot of sunglasses on tags marked 1, 2, 3 classes, it is to point to the sun glasses color depth, the higher the deeper the color series, keep out sunshine, the more obvious.
the lens color is multifarious, choose brown, dark brown is good. Brown uniform for any chromatographic absorption, have good color vision perceptual, view won't appear off color, will only dimmed and can clearly distinguish colors. Tan can filter the blu-ray, improve visual contrast and clarity, even blinding light can see objects details, in the case of air pollution is serious, or foggy wear effect is better.
blue grey lens and grey lens, both belong to the neutral lenses, the visible light absorption rate is higher; Blue lens and green lenses don't wear sunglasses in the drive; Shallow blue, shallow pink lens more decorative than practical; The yellow lenses can provide more accurate video, so also known as night-vision goggles; Mercury lens suitable for outdoor sports.
the doctor special remind: when choosing sunglasses, not only to focus on its adornment sex, more attention to its protective function to the eyes. When buying a product should be for the complete package, and save it well, this is the factory's commitment to product performance. Meng Lingjia GongDanDan
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