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Eye beauty and eye care, 5 minutes to eliminate dark circles_industry news_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-25
Are your dark circles blue or purple? If it is bluish-purple, it means that the blood circulation around the eyes is not smooth. To improve the problem of dark circles and eliminate 'panda eyesToday, I will teach you how to eliminate dark circles in 5 minutes that can be easily done in the office and at home. · Warm your eyes Just put a hot towel on your eyes to allow blood to circulate more smoothly. In addition to dark circles, you can also alleviate dry eyes and tired eyes. · Stimulate the eye acupuncture points and gently press the acupuncture points around the eyes, which can also promote blood circulation and eliminate fatigue and dark circles. ·Find an office worker who does not have time and environmental conditions up and down the steps. You might as well find a step and step on, back down, step on, and back down repeatedly. This can help people who sit in front of the computer for a long time to effectively promote blood circulation throughout the body. When flying, some people suffer from economy class syndrome, which is because the seat gap in economy class is relatively small, and the legs and feet are not moved for a long time, which causes physical discomfort. ·Drinking warm vanilla tea makes the body feel warm. It is said that vanilla tea has the effect of soothing emotions and healing fatigue. Compared with coffee, it is a healthy drink without caffeine. ·Drinking soda is very popular in Europe. Drinking unsweetened carbonated water (soda), if you are not used to drinking it, you can choose lemon soda, which has also become popular in China recently. · Covering the knees is very important to keep the feet and legs warm in order to protect the health of the eyes. It is better to prepare a small blanket specially used to cover the knees. If there is no blanket, a large shawl can be used instead. Sitting in the office for a long time is prone to head and feet cold. In fact, the head and feet are hot, which makes it easier to think about problems and improve work efficiency.
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