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Eye massage can relieve fatigue and prevent aging_Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-26
Eyes are the windows to the soul. In daily life, you should protect your eyes. Especially now, many people work with computers, and the radiation generated by the computer is very harmful to the eyes, so it is urgent to protect the eyes. The more common method is to massage the eye area, which can relieve fatigue, improve the absorption of skin care products, and play an anti-aging effect. However, when massaging the eyes, you should master the corresponding methods. The first step of eye massage is to start from the forehead, put both hands in the middle of the forehead, then start the massage along the temples, and then massage for about three to four seconds at the temples. This action is repeated five times, but it must be adhered to for a long time. Second, rub your hands warm, and then gently press your eyes with your hands, but keep your eyes tightly closed when pressing. The time of pressing at the same time is about 30 seconds, and this action is repeated three to four times. The temperature of the palm can promote blood circulation, and at the same time help the absorption of eye cream to play the corresponding effect. Third, hold both hands tightly, then press the bones of the index finger joints on the temples, stay for about three seconds, and then release them, and circulate four to five times, which can effectively stimulate blood circulation around the eyes and make the fundus of the eyes. soothing tired muscles. Fourth, you can use the ring finger to press in a clockwise direction, but when pressing, you must pay attention, and it should not be too large. Stimulates blood circulation and enhances skin absorption. Of course, when massaging the eye area, you can use a hot towel on the eye area, which can soothe the eye area.
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