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EYNY children sunglasses: tide the baby self style

by:Eugenia     2020-08-02
Children deserve to act the role of brand EYNY kidsanthropology was born in 2015. Founder of Rex with rich fashion industry background, hoping to from their own experience of parenting, help contemporary tides daddy mama in protecting the children grow up happily and healthy at the same time, better shape babies aesthetic, shaping up the kids from my taste. EYNY to extend the popular trend of current to the children of the world, they also have the opportunity to experience the same fashion designs with parents, and contact with more choices. EYNY brand, meanwhile, from material selection to production details are moments to the children's healthy growth as the first consideration, constantly updated, provide exclusive contemporary tides daddy mama to children's light luxury fashion sheet is tasted. Below we see children EYNY brand sunglasses fashion together: 1, the AVIATOR series AVIATOR sunglasses scallops in the shape of a necessary atmosphere was celebrated as a classic elegant appearance style. Still keep being pumped into different fashion concept to be updated. EYNY launch blue mirror, mirror pink and brown color, classic is the summer the children the best collocation of choice. 2, the CAT EYE CAT's EYE sunglasses series is full of strong feelings restoring ancient ways. Since the 1950 s, the cat's eye sunglasses became women heart love. Like a cat eyes pick the lines on the end of clever line passes and ancient clever clever lovely personality. Brand bring two different radian mirror design, to provide more choices for different face baby. 3, D FRAME series, the series of glasses inspired by the classic travelers sunglasses. As one of the most popular style, the joker framework design reflects the low-key modern good temperament. This year's new blue and pink marble grain framework more show unique. 4, ROUND FRAME series ROUND sunglasses with unique styles, fruity and clever framework line collocation collision or color fastens with color, show wear different personality of children. 5, SQUARE FRAME series SQUARE sunglasses highlights neutral charm, clear and simple lines and classic black FRAME foil a clean and pure character.
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