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f( x) Members of the sunglasses look to let you feel the visual shock wave

by:Eugenia     2020-07-29
Today fashion magazine 'Marie Claire' June, exposes the protagonist f ( x) Members vitoria filmed for the magazine new posters, posters of her wearing a partial style of cat's eye sunglasses, along with the gender to every hair, peculiar charm temperament cause a lot of attention. F( X) Members of the sunglasses are a perfect visual burst, begin by captain, feel the charm of the players together! At ordinary times life in Victoria song xi love sunglasses, also shapes special distinctive dark glasses is her love. Movement along with the gender is dressed up, and a cool sunglasses, but it is made of Eva, reveal a cute handsome. This is a YanChuZhao, krystal on stage and the audience is not much difference, is walking cool wind. See her wearing a pair of basic black-rimmed glasses, leather rivet decoration, coupled with the leopard print pants, it is no wonder that can attract so many female fans! After all, character, nice and the atmosphere. Ray-ban RB4187F purple black box piece TR90 metal fashion great code Ms. Sun glasses F ( x) Portfolio have feminine taste is Luna, she seldom wear sunglasses at ordinary times, small make up the search for a long time to found this for a long time in front of the airport photo. Luna or not actually wearing dark glasses good-looking, or wear a large oval frame sunglasses, the only fit her feminine shades of! C01 frame sunglasses factory S9102 sunglasses black/lens gradient grey is Amber, after the team's rapper bear, to describe must reflect a word - — Handsome. Amber such bingle modelling of neutral in the south Korean combination seems to be little, girl handsome up but better than boy oh ~ the above information from the sunglasses factory small make up finishing editing, more glasses to sunglasses factory glasses net view, please. Website: https://www. yichao。 Cn /
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