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Face a Face take you into the world colorful glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-21
French women romantic FaceaFace glasses brand, in the country may be little, but it is a very personal brand of glasses. FaceaFace in French means the other a face of the face, everyone is dressed up, on the face is the representative of his own personality and preferences, including glasses, FaceaFace sunglasses also grasps this idea. Below, created by small make up bring everyone into FaceaFace world colorful glasses. Black and white color, all kinds of framework is composed of classic black and white, high-end atmosphere. - the color of spring and forms of picture frame, show the youth elegant demeanor. Red and black tie, red represents temperament and spirit, and at the same time also make wearing glasses you release the mature women's charm. Yellow, give a person the feeling of a kind of nifty and lovely, lively and beautiful. Pattern frame series, leopard grain, tortoise shell color picture frame, is a classic design, reveal the classical fashion temperament. See here, whether you have a little itching? Glasses and clothes, actually also is indispensable decorations. Choose the right glasses, also can give oneself add cent many oh ~
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