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Face the collocation with sunglasses gives you a beautiful beautiful 'summer'

by:Eugenia     2020-08-15
Sorching summer, many people wear a pair of sunglasses, a sun glasses, in addition to its own radiation protection function, can also modify our face. That how to according to your own face choose suitable glasses? Now teach everyone face to the sun glasses tie-in skill, let you become a fashionable woman.

square face, give a person the sense of hale and hearty, thus to avoid to choose too founder of frames, but slightly rounded square can make the outline appears relatively smooth. Wide box to coarse, can behave Howe long lines, and face a perfect fit.

round face should choose four broad frames, not too exaggerated the cat's eye, butterfly type frame is very appropriate also. To avoid circular, light type. Slightly wider than face frame picture frame is more appropriate, with good spin face long long necklace, earrings.

long face is suitable for the oval or rectangular frames, can makes face softly on the vision. Exaggerated its leg design also is very good, to attract some attention to balance the focus of the entire face. Round earrings can add beauty for the long narrow face.

oval face is more perfect, generally not too long and thin design is put up would look good. Suitable to wear, however, is relatively wide box type of sunglasses, make facial look wide, shorten the length of the face.

in envy ultra small hand face, when choosing sunglasses should avoid wide lenses, try to choose circular profile, or the shape of the cat's eye glasses. Nowadays of round sunglasses, lucky the small face can go try oh.

what's your face? You choose the right?

the article title: face the collocation with sunglasses gives you a beautiful & # 8220; In the summer of & # 8221;
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