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Fall 2015 new sunglasses is recommended

by:Eugenia     2020-07-17
Sunglasses the sunken modelling tool, this magic item, has been a fashion of the necessary sheet is tasted. Although just after the summer, sun away the pride, can not stop the love of beauty of people attention to vogue and pursuit. In the high gas cool autumn wind, each big famous sunglasses brand has frequently in advertisements, posters, magazines, and many other new media. Bright color, novel style, superb technology and attract people, can bring you an unforgettable beautiful autumn! 1, Dior sunglasses have always been very get the favour of fashionable circles, and Dior every new sunglasses bring brand-new experience. New Chromic Dior sunglasses series USES the burnish metal frames and lenses bring extremely highly expressive effect. Golden gun exquisite metal line draw an outline of the glasses lens, novel appearance extremely luxurious texture. 2, the global storm hits, restoring ancient ways is the glasses industry bosses 'Ray - Ban 'ray-ban glasses, of course, won't make people jockey, this year advocate hit' Round '( Round box) Series, adding into the imperishable ten thousand 'camouflage' elements, as well as the popular essential 'mercury lens' over the last two years. 2015 new style restoring ancient ways, let you in a dull autumn, become fashionable colorful dazzling star. 3, from Italy glasses brand RETROSUPERFUTURE nearly Carhartt WIP and joint qiu dong series. In design with contracted fashionable frames with flavour restoring ancient ways is extremely thick color, adopt excellent acetate collection Zeiss lenses, at the same time completely by make artificially, the heavy and complicated process more show frame pity is expensive, absolutely is the focus in the modelling of qiu dong. 4, the famous German brand MCM has the previous glasses group Eyewear, Inc. In fashionable landmark - In01 Yintai center in Beijing, the global first published first brand sunglasses and optical glasses full range. Many guests with sentiment strength idol jingboran witnessed the release of MCM glasses series, also further expand the previous fashion market in China.
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