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Famous brand sunglasses, top ten brand sunglasses list_Sunglasses knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-20
Sunglasses, also known as sunglasses and sunshades, are the most popular items in the fashion industry. Whether it is the general public or big-name stars, sunglasses are an indispensable decoration around them. However, in the market, there are too many varieties of sunglasses, and the wearers do not know that those are brand-name sunglasses. So today, the editor will introduce to you, the new top ten brand sunglasses list. Famous brand sunglasses, top ten brand sunglasses list It is the leader in the end glasses market and the best-selling glasses brand in the world by far. <2>. Prada: It was established in 1913 by Mario Prada as the boss and designer. Prada's sunglasses have always given people a unique sense of taste and integrity. They are a symbol of fashion and a unique A brand of sunglasses that exudes a mysterious charm. <3>. Versace (Versace): This sunglasses are from Italy. The design style is delicious and unique. It has a strong artistic style. It is known as the brand sunglasses with fashionable charm. <4>. Dolce·Gabbana: Born in 1985, it adds the stimulation and inspiration of life into the design, showing the emotion and passion of fashionable urban life. <5>. Gucci: It is the most luxurious sunglasses brand in Italy. It was established in Florence in 1921. It adopts high-end craft design, perfectly combines glasses and fashion elements, and makes the lines of every detail smooth. , to provide consumers with a safe, comfortable and beautiful wearing experience. <6>.Prosun: Prosun sunglasses are the honorary products of Xiamen Quansheng Industrial Co., Ltd. Each glasses have passed the ISO9001 international certification, the quality is guaranteed, and the style is trendy. <7>. Tyrannosaurus (Bolon): Tyrannosaurus sunglasses adhere to the leading design concept in the fashion industry, in-depth design of fashion and elegance, using innovative new technology to create a series of distinctive, extraordinary, elegant and noble Sunglasses products. <8>. Helen Keller: Helen Keller's sunglasses design combines European and American avant-garde concepts with oriental classic aesthetics to create a series of fashionable styles that are more in line with oriental people, bringing every oriental male and female into full play of perfection. <9>.Parim: Since its establishment in 1992, this brand of sunglasses has always adopted the romantic European and American style, incorporating many elements such as fashion, exquisiteness, comfort and durability, using high-quality lens and frame materials to create a unique It is one of the few sunglasses brands in China. <10>. Oakley (OAKLEY): Founded in 1975, with strong mirror-making technology and innovative technology capabilities, it is exclusively customized for consumers, allowing consumers to enjoy the 'high-definition boundless' wearing experience.
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