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Fan bingbing cool sunglasses to attend the activity

by:Eugenia     2020-08-28
Beijing Olympic sports center hold electric formula, as the fan bingbing as the image ambassador and VIP in the days before a visit to the driveway. Fan bingbing wearing white shirt white dress and black cap and color cool sunglasses chao fan. Fan bingbing, was born on September 16, 1981, shandong Qingdao, xie jin film and TV art institute, graduated from Shanghai normal university Chinese actress and singer. In 1998, qiong precious jade play 'princess huanzhu' fame. In 2004 with the film 'mobile phone' won the 27th public movie hundred flowers awards best actress award. 2007 starring film 'unnatural' won the 44th Taiwan golden horse better supporting actress award, [ 2] In the same year the film 'apple' nominated the 57th Berlin international film festival, [ 3] And with the film won the fourth session of the Eurasia international film festival best actress award, became the first Chinese star won this award, among the international film industry, then set up fan bingbing, studio, signing artists, and making the 'rouge snow' and 'golden taipans' TV series, etc. In 2010, starring film kuanyinshan won the 23rd Tokyo international film festival best actress award. The 2011 Tokyo international film festival jury. 2010 - Several invited to the cannes international film festival, 2013 international film festival such as Oscar ceremony. Chopin jewelry cannes international film festival 2013 'fan bingbing, night', and awarded the fan bingbing 'jia international artist of the year' title. Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact
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