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Fan bingbing li bingbing spell of embracing fashion sunglasses toad

by:Eugenia     2020-08-26
Cartoon cap is probably can reflect young fashion sheet is tasted, antlers cap, panda hat, just like children the props in the drama, ' 'the lovely gesture is very lovable. Pink rabbit with plain yan of Yang mi is very cute, match at the foot of the tassel boots to show MOE and add many fashionable feeling at the same time. In the summer also tend to add a fashionable polarized sunglasses. Modelling is changed as conjuring. Sunglasses also seems to be a magic weapon of each star show MOE is cool, the manpower required. Li bingbing small demon modelling appeared to match sunglasses, ice ice to arrival at the airport propaganda film 'variant kong 4', has always been the queen's flamboyant lotus elder sister also rare girl, cute little devil hat modelling is nifty and lovely, play the part of the tender excellent results. 'Black face, cartoon printing jacket should allow the aura, kawaii girl, I feel lovely. With polarized sunglasses much a few minutes handsome can shade again. 'Clothes' wonderful as the red carpet. And never miss a show MOE fan bingbing this and come back with a mickey ears printed fleece hat street feels dye-in-the-wood collocation, make her no matter where or when striking exception. Fashionable sunglasses even steal a lot of thunder, for whole modelling is a bonus. Pictures from Internet, if you want to delete please contact
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