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Fan bingbing own glasses brand Fan 'er the new 2018 conference deductive fashion

by:Eugenia     2020-07-22
On March 4, fan bingbing, hand in hand to the east bentley model legion, teamed up with designer Maggie Yao and M. Y. D glasses art space, the creation of glasses brand FAN 'ER fei, and hold FAN' ER fei new conference 2018. Show surrounded by the endless dark, like a giant black hole firmly attract the audience. And with the model a leisurely walk, laser laser reflection on the different styles of sunglasses, like a light on the dark night sky a skyfire, burning the whole darkness. In FAN 'ER fei son release of this series, composed of rocks 'girl', 'punk rocks', 'full-on goddess', 'street rocks' four major components, fully meet the needs of modern urban population differentiation. Whether you want young girl of pure and fresh and natural, or mix the maverick, after the you, you will find them of their favorite style. Recommended reading: goddess of fan bingbing, l shout you wear sunglasses with a concise appearance of sunglasses, is your street mashup sunken modelling tool. Wu kuang metal lens futuristic and streets of unique flavor, believe that every fashion gurus don't miss item. Great circle frame sunglasses upper part USES exaggerated 'word eyebrow' design form, its leg is 'lightning' to highly final sunglasses overall modelling. Believe whatever you dressed in elegant or willfulness street clothes style restoring ancient ways, can use it as the nods eyeball pen of your overall modelling. A type of metal decorative chain box design extends to the mirror legs once upon a time, show adequately punk wild side, however careful FAN 'ER fei son when considering your wearing comfort, also specially to choose more streamlined nose. Both in frame and mirror legs skillfully fusion cat ears and tail is clever and elements, choose the gradient lenses also cleverly broke the single breath, lovely added more agile feeling cool. Activities, fan bingbing said do glasses brand has long been her dream: 'because I itself is like accessories, glasses are indispensable important accessories in my life. 'Also said he would be glad to cooperate with famous designer Maggie:' she is very good glasses designers in China, many products in to see her, I suddenly had an idea, it seems I finally can realize this dream, I found a very good partner. 'Fan bingbing happy said, it's like two girls together partner about over fashion design, dream, smile to say:' let's go to thinking about glasses fashion collocation, communicate a lot of interesting things together, no matter in life or glasses design, we become good friends, also become the business partners. '
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