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Fan bingbing sunglasses driving 'wheels' naughty travel

by:Eugenia     2020-09-07
Couples, fan bingbing and 15 for the universal attention in the public relationship on the show, do activities together, in private is always stick together, wherever he can see the figure of two sweet, is really love too delusion. Recently, fan bingbing wearing green v-neck dress, light yellow cardigan collocation, hair is tied in casual, wear a pair of oversized sunglasses, incarnation Englishwoman of 18 years old, driving 'wheels' flexible, added a nifty feeling more. Li Chenze is consistent and comfortable casual dress, wearing a simple grey vest, black shorts and sneakers, show strong arm and leg muscles, follow closely behind the fan bingbing is the escort her at any time. Cool sunglasses, personality a beautiful scenery line in the hot wheels make fan bingbing this lovestruck couple, to light the zenith in sun go out for a walk, and have emotional appeal very much. Saying is to go for a walk, don't want to go but fan bingbing seem step, driving a two-wheel balancing car through the car to car into the street, crossing the road, on the hill is a cinch, technology is a professional level. Fan bingbing sunglasses driving wheels, a big black cattle although expensive now, then two for man, but seems determined to enjoy the life of the ordinary people, like ordinary couples out shopping for a walk, don't have much, afraid of being recognized. And sure enough, a turn on the avenue, two people immediately drew stares, more exaggerated, two men came to a flat after, at the end of the store's shop staff had even ran out of the onlookers, the apartment downstairs there are many in and out of the people recognized them, but they didn't care about, is about to smile. Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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