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Fan bingbing sunglasses fashion shopping

by:Eugenia     2020-08-13
Is fan bingbing has always been following the fashion trend, as the new film the release to the kuanyinshan, relying on the film took the Tokyo film festival best actress fan bingbing, seems to be the word of mouth very good movie box office with confidence, recently a tide at street, thin leg pants with sequins sneakers, popular big glasses, all show spring fashionable breath, hand carry Anteprima brand Wire series Bag Bag stands out more, reveal lovely breath 'fan bingbing' girl. 2011 limited edition of this pink is My Melody rabbit bag with pearl color give priority to tone, and amphibole burging match line to make an ornament, give a person the feeling, cute and into practice through My Melody of feminine image. Fan bingbing seem to Anteprima package, before has also been photographed carrying a limited edition pink HELLO KITTY, and amphibole panda Wirebag go out.
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