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Fashion big shoulder 'galeries lafayette,' Karl lagerfeld show of sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-28
People believe that the fashion industry is no stranger to Karl lagerfeld, he is not the white hair old man often wear sunglasses! His tongue I believe you have seen, the so called fashion 'galeries lafayette,' the life he is proficient in four languages, humor humor and wit, at ordinary times dress up is also very trendy, then follow the small make up together into the 'galeries lafayette' sunglasses show! In the 20th century, Hollywood at the time of strong offensive, the sunglasses began gradually become the mainstream, is very popular at that time the color of amber sunglasses. Followed by the second world war, when the air force will wear professional aviator sunglasses, evolution to now known as mirror ray-ban air force. Of course not galeries lafayette wearing ray-ban ha! But is the standard aviator sunglasses styles. This watch is a party animal, dressed in a silvery, suit jacket, in the Canon that reveal a rascal, at a time when they wear sunglasses also became a trend at that time, have a own name: diablo jazz mirror. How can a person secretly play handsome? Put on their pets with handsome, ha ha ha! Even if it's just a toy ~ ~ a vital qi suit black sunglasses, typical fashionistas! To see so much, you want to and he never handsome old? So small make up to action, once a few ray-ban sunglasses are good options ~ 901 black ray-ban sunglasses RB4125F men RB3016 - M men sunglasses 1182/4 e wood grain
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