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Fashion bloggers Sonya Esman sunglasses private thing is from?

by:Eugenia     2020-07-29
Now the world is the tender after 95 the world, in the fashion industry also rise a lot of stars. Sonya Esman this lad is particularly revealing, spring, summer, New York fashion week, a year ago, she used his inventive match attracted a lot of attention. Sonya Esman now runs his own fashion blogs, as well as conde nast platform Fashionation TV work group in Canada, or Skype global fashion ambassador. In addition, Sonya Esman is a full-time model, have wonderful insights on collocation, today let's take a look at her sunglasses are from there, go for it. Wildfox CoutureWildfox Couture is gradually after Juicy Couture brand, by the United States after 80 or even 90 love its style as its name Wildfox, casual, uninhibited, rebellious, wild and sexy. Wildfox if is a girl, you belong to that kind of cool, rebellious, let teachers and parents headache bad girl, 'like Linsday Lohan the scheme in the movie the girl'. Acne is a well-known Swedish brand of jeans. Look at the design of Acne, you will find that many modern design elements, simple Stlhouette, comfortable material, on the basic and tonal, fashion index in advance. Acne is not a man, but a Creative media, including Acne Film, Acne Creative, Acne, Acne and Digital, Creative covering Film, advertising, graphic design, animation even character set, and sunglasses, a part of the category. See here, we have found that Sonya Esman especially like round box wearing dark sunglasses and had a small make up recommend you two round box ray-ban sunglasses ~ 001/68 RB3532 sunglasses Jin Leipeng RB4222 tortoise-shell sunglasses 865/13 / lens tea
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