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Fashion circle of the four 'most' sunglasses can't watch!

by:Eugenia     2020-08-09
Sunglasses already held the fashion accessories, in recent years, all kinds of sunglasses styles and design competition is pack! Small make up today will give you scan of the four 'most' popular fashion sunglasses: the restoring ancient ways, the most colorful and domineering, the most trendy. 1, the restoring ancient ways: circular 'puyi mirror sunglasses factory YC3026 unisex sunglass our fleet black gold/lens dazzle colour blue fashion agitation restoring ancient ways is always also don't walk, glasses this seems dispensable accessory also has a strong flavour restoring ancient ways. The easiest way to identify is round lens 'puyi mirror', see it, can not help but reminiscent of the late qing dynasty master ladies strange old mug. Undeniably, prada, gucci, Mr. Wu have recently launched retro series, is to mirror for some improvement design of pu yi, combined with fashion elements, such as tie-in color picture frame, or add a wire connection in two pieces of glasses, or is it just copying, however, will be the wind restoring ancient ways. 2, the most colorful: flowers company edge glasses if go round the sun glasses is contracted wind restoring ancient ways, so some of the new big glasses are intricately detailed on the wind. Such as D quadratic and D& G this year qiu dong s sunglasses are on the edge and a lot of kung fu. As a picture frame with baroque golden three-dimensional flowers decorate, or on the edge of the frame to add sparkling gems or set of phnom penh, highlights colorful personality. Another kind of beauty originates from change numerous for brief style. Enough light, durable, comfortable, let the eyes avoid the sun damage, these seemingly is essential elements have not leisurely sunglasses are actually. Make full use of good technology material, no screw hinge, can give a person the sense of comfort, contracted style can foil a personal traits, generally speaking, this is a series of sports sunglasses unique beauty. 3, the most domineering: contracted and easy flight ray-ban sunglasses RB3025 men sunglasses 112 / P9 gold/dazzle colour green piece, step American movies 'top gun' not only fire Tom, the American combat pilots wear 'frog mirror' also follow the fire up. There is no denying that, even if the sun glasses design pattern, but the flight sunglasses remains a classic, popular. For men, flying sunglasses like become a stylish men become weapons, want is the pilot of a peg or two LingRan with handsome aggressive. With popular tortoise-shell pattern glasses have distinct style, flight sunglasses is a contracted swagger, lightsome and modelling, natural and unrestrained in a few minutes flat. 4, the latest: super sunglasses laybourne RB4257 - friend Ms sunglasses 6092/3 r/F hawksbill/dazzle colour green piece if you think long sunglasses lenses are the same, that you went out. Interesting modern graffiti kawaii lenses recently attracted intense attention to fashionistas they become one of the things of the trends of to many parties. With sunglasses brand Glasiz from Miami, for example, with the concept of disruptive innovation to design the sun glasses. How tide is how to, Glasiz founder as a creative direction, wind route is trendy. Even a lot of stars 'run on' love wearing them, no matter whether to see clearly visible, the spell is tide dazzle quite enough.
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