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Fashion color contact wear a different feeling

by:Eugenia     2020-08-18
Fashion talent no longer lives in the constraints of a colored contact lenses, wearing circle lenses with new life. Choose the suitable style, really so difficult? Before choosing to ask yourself 'want to wear natural sedate or conspicuous charming', usually the color of the lenses, the more close to the more natural your iris colors to wear effect. 1, black let you calm and gentle, black big eyes is suitable for the children of the east, eyes bright, stretches the Oriental temperament! 2, elegant and natural, brown is more close to the east of the iris color, appear like nature itself, increase the beautiful eye show tender at the same time! 3, blue color sample along with the gender feelings lead exotic amorous feelings, with white skin of girl, after wearing effect is more like Europe, visible blue tie-in appropriate eye makeup must be birthday party! 4, purple stretches the mystery, the sun more show charm, low-key and lack of energy is the love of beauty are the love! 5, suitable for all kinds of color of skin, gray looks a light blue, birds in accordance with the feeling of people, blurred eyes, light makes the eyes! 6, green and lively clear, the feeling of nature, suitable for the skin red lady in yellow or white, moist and pure and fresh and bright and beautiful! Colored contact lens wear the colour of the final effect after the mirror, still depends on the wearer of original iris color and lens color mixing effect. Because color contact lenses mirror effect of individual differences, in addition, the aesthetic view of each customer is also slightly different, choose color contact lenses can also be an entity store had to try after comparing purchase!
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