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Fashion color sunglasses to share with you the Brazilian World Cup party

by:Eugenia     2020-08-26
Moment in the Brazilian World Cup hot, a lot of people choose the fashion color sunglasses together to watch the game, join carnival of the World Cup. Follow the below small make up together to count the fashion color sunglasses! ! ! ! Spain, red theme, like athletes will soon be in full bloom in the heart of a mass of anger, can also see them close unity of the spirit. Lake blue lens set off a cool summer. FF0003_50X creative color harmony. Dazzle light film lens and is now popular element, the highlight of this glasses is to 2 different box type fuses in together, become a new glasses, detail design reflects the brand's personality. Fashionable frames are carefully designed into two kinds of bright color, create rich administrative levels sense, the effect of blossom a movement. Brazil, the organizers of this World Cup, passionate samba infection with it around the world, said it was striking a team, a little too much. Brazil chose Police collocation, an important reason is that Brazil's first-choice striker omar success within the Police. The fashion color sunglasses fashionable presents for a perfect gentleman image details, the classic frame with a fresh and delicate mix color features, mirror with logo pattern modification on his feet. The connection between the legs and mirror feet adorned a thin metal strip. Gothic wings P are brand symbol of the eternal. The Netherlands, orange jacket, warm color department is energy. Traditional sports brand in recent years are constantly pursuing new and change, its leg design reveals fashionable element. Sure enough movement has become a part of the trend! Nike Mojo sunglasses series, heavy mirror legs with fluorescent Nike brand logo design, bright color shows young vigor. The total of black/fluorescent yellow collocation of grey polarized lens, dumb transparent grey/fluorescent pink with pink/mirror lenses and white fluorescent green to match the lake blue mirror lens to choose from.
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