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Fashion glasses makeup make you more beautiful

by:Eugenia     2020-08-17
Today, no matter in the magazine cover or streets everywhere with the big glasses of young men and women, they have a plenty of myopia, some not myopia. Some fashionable young people like to take frame glasses, a lot of beauty makeup and all the glasses of painting with a pair of glasses or wear glasses look how to draw, the following will introduce you to a fashion glasses makeup brushwork.
whether you are near-sighted or want to use glasses to decorate, the south Korean style extremely big eye glasses makeup will become more beautiful confident. Now let's learn how to make up with glasses.
fashion glasses makeup painting:
makeup step one: the five point bb cream on the face, forehead, nose, cheek and chin position of the five is the basic bottom makeup wear parts. Use makeup sponges let bb cream evenly over the face. Want to make bottom makeup more break, the key is to starting from the face of the central, from within, from down to up to press the foundation. Step 2:
makeup painting after the bottom makeup into a part of the eyeliner. Through draw a nice eyeliner to increase the enchanting sense of makeup look. But need is inner liner does not need full surround type here, only need to 3 cm in upper and lower eye end position draw look line, this method can let an eye look charming and with tenderness. After using liquid eyeliner deepened eyeliner. Step three:
makeup into the eye shadow part, the first to use eye cream to render of the eye, have the effect of carry bright eyes, but also help more lasting makeup effect. Eye shadow is brushed dip in light green eye shadow, apply it in the position of the eye end, slightly dizzy catch. Dip in and then take a small amount of peachblossom eye shadow, overlay it in light green eye shadow, and eye end part is aggravating. With a small amount of orange eye shadow after cross-eyed head position to the decoration, draw a small triangle and coloring.
makeup step 4: eye shadow, use roll become warped eyelash besmear eyelash, become warped eyelash up case, can let an eye look more spirit, at the same time also can have the effect of enlarge eyes. Z glyph from the eyelash root up brush, immediately become warped eyelash.
makeup step 5: choose a suitable, false eyelash clip the suitable length, after the glue on the glue can stick it to the lashes. In false eyelash to be careful not to let it stand too close to eye head position, and also should be to press the two end of false eyelash, in the middle section, pull up a little, so can make eyes more nifty.
to choose their own after a pair of thick glasses look good, put on a suitable wig, whether you are near-sighted or want to use glasses, you will become a real glasses beauty. The extremely high fashion glasses makeup, you learned? Actually very simple beauty! ! ! !
the article title: makeup make you more beautiful fashion glasses

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