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Fashion glasses to lead fashion

by:Eugenia     2020-08-15
Most people wear glasses to see things, but the fashion tide people wear glasses is to attract people's eyeballs. According to reporter understanding, the rise among young people is a trend without lenses, exaggerated plate frame and all kinds of contact lenses become the main trend of this year.
without lenses powerful functions.
wang this year 29 years old, is an art gallery manager, she has three pairs without lenses, and wear contact lenses to correct her myopia. Wang told the reporters. & # 8220; The glasses have a lot of practical use. ” For example, when she doesn't have time to make up early in the morning when he faced good colleagues, she would have on the shelf without lenses, she says, the & # 8220; The black rim of the eye is terrible, I'm trying to think of some way to hide them, and without lenses is a good helper of me. ”

in addition, people have experienced glasses worn glasses fog, very damaging, however, without lenses won't fog, not blur the line of sight of the wearer. And, without lenses also glance no lens, lens scratches false eyelash. Wang believes that many TV host all wear without lenses, and with many friends, too, she thinks it is a trend, as a result, she was wearing the glasses is to follow the fashion, but also in order to look more mature or young, it depends on her mood.
affordable by the majority of people welcome
no one anticipated, glass frame & # 8220; Abandon the & # 8221; The lens alone into the fashion field. Every wearing hipster without lens glass frame to choose a suitable for their own reasons to explain why wear it, but in the aggregate, either is the fashionable people I have some follow suit. Or feel wearing, highlights character, hipster flamboyant. In the recent hit TV series 'the man is helped' has no fashion shows of the lenses, for without lenses upsurge again undoubtedly contributed to that.
it is reported that many hipsters will order two pairs of glasses at the same time, in addition to buy a set of lenses, will choose again without lenses to match. So, how to choose without lenses to match a fashion sense? First of all, the choice of wearing contact lens is the basic, pure black and green is more popular. After good contact lenses of choose and buy, and choose suitable for their own face without lenses, black, tortoise shell color, bright color, and design exaggerated, glue big plank type frame is more popular. Glasses on the market at present, a pair of ordinary without lenses only a few dollars to several hundred yuan, can easily to a big change for yourself.

the article source: Internet post: glasses sunglasses factory network
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