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Fashion information: TOUSSADI glasses series launch

by:Eugenia     2020-08-15
Recently, glasses brand Toussadi sadie, held a series of sunglasses new conference group Toussadi sadie's new glasses all appearance, fashion and elegant fashion. The entire series for Toussadi brand has always been low-key luxury. Activities on the same day, male and female models in Toussadi brand clothing, for the guests present field deduced Toussadi glasses series urban beauty, self-confidence, personality, and nostalgic four kinds of different style products, deliver the brand unique elegant style.

sadie, a consistent with Italian technology as the main source of inspiration to high-end glasses and many international first-line brand is made by the same manufacturer, with the same strict technology and requirements, Joe sadie has absolutely no less than big the quality of the original single, but only ten a fraction of their price. For young people to affordable prices to buy big fan products, luxury and top fashion no longer out of reach, that's what they have been looking for positioning and brand.

in both frames of bridge of the nose and mirror the foot part, Toussadi has been in accordance with the international line production and quality control of big glasses, on the material selection and design are achieved international standard. And in the design, sadie glasses with Italian noble sense of design, fashion and luxury perfect unifies in together, let each hold sadie glasses become withstand test and elaboration of classic. It would be a perfect immortal life dream into reality, inadvertently revealed European royal aristocratic temperament.

all activities to let guests enjoy the exquisite Toussadi glasses mirrors and hip and low profile design concept, let a person feel distinctly Toussadi strongly brand essence of heritage. As a have many years of experience in fashion products production enterprises, Toussadi always adheres to the design style of elegant, simple, fashion and luxury and product positioning. Toussadi products 2003 formally entered the Chinese market, established in 2007 in Hong Kong first China ToussadiGroupLimited operating subject, is responsible for supporting sadie brand in the asia-pacific region. Use Hong Kong status and the trend of the world fashion influence, to promote Toussadi products across Asia. To technology as the primary inspiration for Italy, after years of fashion products production experience TOUSSADI group's outstanding achievements are also more and more get attention. Believe this a classic elegant fashion, as the brand innovation spirit and rich connotation of precipitation, more clearly been spread all over the world.
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