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Fashion is not fashion, glasses to use

by:Eugenia     2020-07-19
Glasses now upgraded to a kind of accessories, big glasses also can serve as a luxury product, you can improve your image, increase your aura. So, the popular online a phrase 'fashion is not fashion, glasses take', this sentence may seem funny, but there is a big. Because the glasses does have a kind of magic, it can let you become what you want to look like, deduce different style. The selection of frame glasses, however, are not as sunglasses so as long as the elegant shape is commensurate with the face so simple, the type of glasses, shape, and color needs to be carefully. 1. Type to type, actually very simple, two kinds of coarse box and fine box. Coarse frame's shape is very common, is also a popular choice of type, thick lines with a slight weight, can enrich the modelling of the head. Popular small meat jingboran with coarse frame glasses, comb hair, after combined with lateral side is increased strength for fresh meat. The modelling of motorcycle jacket with hale and hearty, white T-shirt and a black jacket is a classic shape, but the addition of glasses can also on masculine with a little gentle. Jeans, denim jacket, modelling also add plaid shirt is also very handsome with glasses? Although thick glasses look more leisure, but can be as tie-in as formal suit and tie. Such modelling more approachable to the above photos while you look handsome, but I have to tell you, this choice or has a certain risk, thin glasses don't show face. Round image of the modelling of make you some nerd, not too clever, don't try to more, is the color of phnom penh if you do not feel like a company's accounting? 2. Shape for the shape, there is no special recommend type, because it requires a depending on the face to make different decisions. In general, square glasses will be more suitable for round face, oval glasses are more suitable for the rectangular face. Square glasses left left left Daniel wu face some ellipse, so it is suitable for square glasses, coupled with a black hat and grey shirt, very low-key. Recommended glasses: armani EA3072F glass frame 5042 grind arenaceous black mirror men look far better than the round lens smart, simple and agile hairstyle will be very capable. As a boss, if I'm sure you won't choose type of harry potter glasses, square with the framework of arc would be appropriate, serious but not too cold. Spider-man co-star Garfield, the appearance of a face of schoolboys, square glasses can also be used, if the party is better than your students to learn with him. TOP you should always see with glasses, and the TOP is also belongs to an enviable frame, so he will use frame of square, and slightly rounded glasses, will be a combination of these, very witty. Oval glasses left left left if you down down down in order to avoid the appearance of the highly effective, the ellipse is also a kind of choice, the color of black will be more serious, cannot too witty, after all. This type of glasses is also suitable for lateral off-center part, if you also have chin will take advantage of edges and corners. Round glasses left left left you see wu queer, gd and super handsome deduce restoring ancient ways round glasses is very handsome, but to be honest is not recommended, first of all, it has a delicate heart face, moreover the lens that restore ancient ways error-prone, difficult challenges. Recommended glasses: CK general glass frame 045 black 3, 5415 men and women. Color the color of the glasses are very diverse, but usually, is mostly about black and amber. Black left left left GD will use black glasses, black is really very nice color, easy collocation, modelling, trends, the advantage is countless. In addition to all black, also can be decorated with metal edge, metal have better ductility, strengthening quality of glasses, but also increase the luster, have qualitative feeling more. If you like Depp uncle go is melancholy, black would be nice, blue hair, black and blue, make you sad. The modelling of amber left left left amber will be more mature, originally only appear in the uncle of a certain age, but also loved by young people now. With mature suits, coats to nature is perfect collocation, on the selection of other clothing color, also don't too loud.
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