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Fashion is tie-in, 'mirror' trend

by:Eugenia     2020-08-18
Fashion is tie-in, 'mirror' the tide is sunny, why still let yourself at home, why don't you walk out the sunshine, but also show off your charm? Don't hesitate, fashion brand sunglasses to help you, act quickly! 1, the round mirror puyi type restoring ancient ways round mirror is a plus for you of choice, with simple lines fashion, there won't be time to kill the elegant aesthetic feeling, a typical puyi sunglasses with modern fashionable attire, can impact the modelling of the suction eyeball. If you have a round face, can't give up nowadays fashionable element, will have to choose a pair of big round mirror, blocking more face. 2, neutral side mirror neutral dress up slightly to pick sunglasses of edges and corners, can immediately highlight your heroic spirit, natural and unrestrained attitude of dressing show. The classic side mirror seems to be with a kind of cultural background, essentials of becoming a talent show calendar year invariable. New trend this year is the mirror with the bright color is tie-in. If it is full plank sunglass, try to choose Asia edition, nasal and wide lens can better fit the face contour. 3, pattern sunglasses star love sunglasses, low-key grain greatly improves our noble temperament, even without makeup, also can let you look radiant. The classic tortoiseshell is a good choice, of course, but not give prize, new technology is making more varied texture can be printed into the plate glass frame. Large design sunglasses, is the love the stars, even without makeup you put on, also graces many. 4, color sunglasses like big color piece to wear take a style, you can match color sunglasses, let you again a little bit flowery colour, Asian yellow skin particularly picky when choosing sunglasses color, the purple is a good choice. Color of the frame is more suitable for the shallow color lenses, you can even bring it, day to night dress up better for you.
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