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Fashion queen wear a glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-24
Fashion and film like twins, both fashion skillfully by movies, or movies inherit the fashion pulse, we can always have a big harvest. I believe you have seen or at least heard of The movie on 'The queen', 'The Devil Wears Prada. Based on the best-selling novel into a movie, is a fashion. Don't know how many people like me, had heard the title does not know the prada was completely. Prada? What the hell? As a girl is kokomo, full of the spirit of knowledge, of course, I want to find out, how can misses a chance to let oneself more perfect! You said right? Girl, of course, as is kokomo, hiding anything? How can learn something new Of course want to take it out and share! Prada ( PRADA) , is a famous Italian brand of quality. Founded in 1913, the Italian Mario Prada, the Prada, to design and sell handbags, suitcases, shorts and shoes. Mario Prada opened two boutiques in milan, boutiques) Selling your own products. After gradually extended to the glasses and other products. Besides clothing grab the eye, in the movie glasses is also a major bright spot. The queen's one-handed remove glasses at that moment, baby sharp eyes frighten to death! Prada sheet metal VPR 01 pa tortoiseshell 2 au1o1 man full box myopia Prada glasses always give a person a kind of unique sense of taste, the original whole made in Italy. Is the feeling of unique fashion, popular prada glasses many stars dress up their own standard. In addition to the characterization of is a kind of fashion, Prada glasses is sending out mysterious charm. Imagine the queen of the fashion you have? Prada, it must be you don't choice. At present, the glasses sunglasses factory provide all kinds of style, type of prada myopia picture frame, like fashion trends are you waiting for? Hurriedly to the choose and buy!
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