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Fashion sports sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-27
( Reading] Karl unabashed Lagerfeld in his 'The World' According to Karl 'book, describing his important fashion sheet is tasted, — Movement style of black sunglasses, it is said that it is his mask, behind the mask he is a person's carnival. Master the words of the powerful and unconstrained style, of course, not be very good understanding, but it is said that unabashed Lagerfeld has countless movement style of black sunglasses. Fashion icon moment leave item was a movement of the body element of the sunglasses, then each big fashion brands must also want to help. Hemes, Chanel and Gucci have launched ski mirror, although compared with professional snow mirror in sports to protect eye not comprehensive, but when the combination of streamlined design elements and movement to wipe out the spark is not small, whether on a show, or over-the-counter street snap, ski goggles are the essence of fashion aura important props. Of course, there are a lot of quality brands just keen to sports elements simply added to the fashion design, and not a lot of movement function, but absolutely is the concave shape tool. Gucci almost every year to launch sports sunglasses style, Prada, also from time to time the wind walk movement, but are too simple, simply use movement stunt. Tom Ford and Fendi is more joined the fashion element, Tom Ford from ski mirror of inspiration for design work, and not a presumptuous guest usurps the host's role, retained more fashionable element, pilots and the launch of Fendi sunglasses, joined the retro elements. But the movement of Dior sunglasses will pay more attention to the details of characterization, not simply use sports elements, on frame much more imagination and play. Chanel as a long-term keen to design sports brand, it's snow mirror is both functional and fashion.
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