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Fashion street snap, see beauty play Paris fashion week

by:Eugenia     2020-08-24
Paris fashion week every year, we can see all kinds of beautiful people, they always dress collocation can cause a wave of enduring fashion. Here, with sunglasses factory glasses for a taste of the beauty how to play the Paris fashion week. Orange no coat deserves to go up orange sweater, gorgeous, grey skirts on black fine with naked boots, with bright orange with low-key gray give a person a kind of mixed aesthetic feeling, the collocation of black sunglasses is to let the aura instant upgrade. White shirt with pink coat and pink pants suit, decorated to stripe high-heeled shoes, the overall small and pure and fresh, the face that grabs an eye more add points add bright color sunglasses. Grey render unlined upper garment and blue plaid skirts, blue plaid coat collocation is very fusion, black shoes, simple low-key colour collocation, then dark sunglasses in this early spring give a person a kind of unique beauty.
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