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Fashion sunglasses brand - — Tyrannosaurus rex

by:Eugenia     2020-07-25
Accessories, fashion, fashion, classic is tyrannosaurus sunglasses. Tyrannosaurus rex sunglasses adhering to the fashion world advanced design concept, fashion and elegant in-depth design, keep up with fashion trends in the world, the innovation process, manifests the tyrannosaurus brand has consistently adhered to the style of innovation. Pure manual grinding material and carefully designed LOGO derivative design idea yi is unripe brightness, explained the tyrannosaurus real glasses excellent texture and perfect taste enjoyment, show different, excellence, elegant and noble temperament. Sun polarization multilayer composite structure of the TAC lenses series, super filter ultraviolet and reduce the dazzling glare, let you in driving and sports leisure is not affected by glare. Frame using the human body engineering, arc widened humane treatment, make the wearer feel more comfortable. BOLON constancy of the classical model and design the perfect combination of modern style, fashion style. Extrasensory light series of macromolecule TR memory materials of environmental protection, light, deformation. Coloring technology innovation will dazzle colour is perfect. Bold design incisively and vividly in light texture of the material, the pursuit of natural flow of charm fashion flexible freely. Display high standards of modern women clever; Show the unique personality, fashion pioneer, is worth having. Jade crystal texture series acetate material texture soft, innovative production technology, into the design concept of fashion and sexy. All hand polished box surface, slip like the fruity and fine jade, crystal, glittering and translucent get rid of charming color, match with gorgeous details. BOLON to incorporate the unique design style fashion elements, elegant color, unique design highlights the individual special taste, achievement the classic of fashion charm. BOLON series HD series of elegant fashion, elegant fashion designed to create excellence. By optical source of Carl Zeiss CR39 polarized lens, PC polarized lens, color reduction. Effectively block the ultraviolet ray and reduce the dazzling glare, make the vision more clearly. Top Italian designers understand the fashion classic, interprets the international fashion trend, pure manual polishing, creating high quality sense. Learn fashion, high aesthetics. High-end idea, perfect show extraordinary, extraordinary refined style. ZhiXuan aluminum magnesium BOLON series intelligence dazzle aluminum magnesium series are widely used in aerospace aircraft aluminum and magnesium. Aluminium magnesium alloy, the perfect combination of strong and light. A integrated box surface collocation of TAC Polarized lens, smooth and fluent modelling, super filter ultraviolet and the ability to reduce the dazzling glare, achievement pioneer charm ZhiXuan aluminum and magnesium. Let you in the world without the glare, dynamic in do not break elegance, contracted thering is no lack of personality, BOLON create aesthetic wisdom. Tyrannosaurus rex glasses is star good minds, let's take a look at the stars buyers show! ! ! ! BOLON tyrannosaurus glasses star buyers show: only grace can not be replaced.
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