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Fashion sunglasses with the most beautiful you, 2)

by:Eugenia     2020-07-26
Fashion sunglasses beauty, you deserve a small make up Victoria is introduced phenomenon, ray-ban, Gentle Monster three fashion brand sunglasses have choose the right? If no, please continue to enjoy! 4, Dior recommended style: so real recommended reason: the simple and crude, I am a mindless of ms supermodel Rihanna fans, wear covers more than half a face, is a fire, worth buying! Dior glasses, itself, I think it is no need to say more, so real series, nearly two years of Dior is full shop are out of stock, and the fire all over Europe and the United States and China ( How many 'web celebrity friends love' it is not you don't know! ) Ms, because I big supermodel Li Hanna endorsement blessing, I couldn't endure into the mirror, that call a cool, coco. The price of the 3000 s is generally acceptable for Dior. 5, Chloe recommended design: Carlina recommended reason: the fire for two years, what can I say! I only know this Calina began to hot in the summer of 2014 to now, and it's a big advantage is that don't pick face, do not pick one outfit, do not choose makeup look. Such glasses can be really difficult to find, so met will cherish! Look, ins needs a pair of fashion bloggers, on the good things of the propagation speed is so fast! Chloe Girl momentum seems to not lose Gucci Girl yo. 6, Moscot recommended design: moscotlemtosh sun glass black recommend reason: people like the brand for many years, durable, cost-effective. Yes, your great husband, who is the in private. So, is prepared to face? Don't know if you have not found, its logo also really a little Karen Walker. Don't look down upon this brand, the Moscot home fashion mirror type restoring ancient ways, whether it is a flat lens or sunglasses, are good without words, relative to other brands to almost cover the whole face of the mirror, it becomes much more delicate, feel confident about appearance level gg, mm absolutely want to obtain, after wearing, the temperament, is real bad! 7, OXYDO recommended design: OX1099 / CS/LE recommend reason: good, really good, but pick people, take the model you are, go wide bridge playing erhu, suitable for the fashion fine you! May have been looking for this brand is not very well, he's an Italian high-end glasses brand, is one of the biggest glasses manufacturing company in the global pretend bility safilogroup's quality brand glasses, the glasses of the company product line includes Dior, Celine higher-ups. So, design, workmanship, of course, don't worry. 8, Tom ford recommended style: Campbell shiny square recommend reason: classic, necessary, coco ~ in this classic classic, but as a fashionable personage, absolutely must be of a pair, fashion is a circle, the tables have turned, but enduring, long red, must have his reasons. This 'black', absolute can withstand the test. This also has male money, so can wanton lovers to abuse the dog, like security card, this can have. Don't look good though you find me! ! ! ! ! ! ! 9, Loewe recommended design: Filipa recommend reason: his bag like a fire, the new sunglasses also really surprised to me, how so good-looking, fashion bloggers have one by one, concave shape what are one hundred and one points! Loewe home new glasses, a bit not as inferior as bag, neat appearance, translucent lens, good-looking I want to start with, full of ambition.
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