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Fashion sunglasses with the most beautiful you, A)

by:Eugenia     2020-07-26
The weather slowly hot, the street will soon be wholesale appear 'black silk pork sisters flower', 'condole qi X' duo, hee hee, male compatriots can high up! Of course, in this season of coquettish don't have to think, all humans have a necessary loaded weapon X - — Sunglasses. Because when wearing it, may be you are from 'handsome' 'beautiful' this two word nearly ( A mysterious smile) Right, agreed with the put your hands up! Below small make up to introduce nine big brands in sunglasses, show your beauty! 1,雷- Ban ray-ban recommended style: aviator pilots series recommended reason: your husband body grounding gas ( Cheaper) With money, each big stars are body, enduring classic lens, relatively good ride, don't buy you silly! To say it is the first precipice, this to you mouth, has long been popular in the streets of the famous brand in the United States - — 雷禁令! Although already red drunk drunk, but should be able to become the brand of the peak of the year this year, why? Ask your husband song joong ki to! A descendant of the sun, fan ye not one by one, when your husband go down from the plane, Pack up your admire la son) Wear is Ray - Ban aviator pilots glasses. Well, this 'husband with money' or to some, let you kiss the husband go to buy! More star to wear Ray Ban, at home and abroad, and even in outer space! Anyway, all the year round also depends on it. Points minutes temperament and panda eye! Aviator mirror is not big, however, unless you are confident the size of his own face, otherwise don't suggest that big face size boys wear. 2, Victoria phenomenon recommended picks: aviator recommend reason: faye wong, fan bingbing, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid etc. All the goddess with money! Was the first to say the Ray Ban the pilot of the plane, the VB nature also have no reason to miss! Since putting VB since its creation has lots of hot style, especially her aviator sunglasses, doing high standard luxury, stars get crazy! In its deadly fashion factors and the design of the mirror and metal of the hard feeling, mirror the color a lot, no tangle on colors, because any color matching is so-and-so star with money. However, for girls, it didn't really fit without makeup, so go out wearing VB or meimei dressing up is OK. 3, Gentle Monster recommended style: DIDI D, Southside recommended reason: the one and the same style that Obama hee hee, and Leo in same oh ~ when it comes to the 'hot style maker' v card, again have to mention my goddess 'two thousand' in' Star you 】 Interpretation of the perfect, I am a man who rarely see han drama, that year to wuli thousands of praise, but a collection of decline. So, I'll introduce the goddess in the play of several classic, go! 1) 。 DIDIDIDI D big feature is very! Can! ! ! ! Stop! Face! Even without makeup to go out to wear it then you is also a star! Another, although GM's sunglasses bazoo holds cannot adjust, but absolutely is high enough, very suitable for Asian girls features, no high bridge of the nose also fear of P! 2) 。 After the Southside a Southside, the cliff is the husband with money. The husband love you, are you not love? Jelly color picture frame, a color is a kind of style. Whether your husband tzu chi dragon, or original husband, sea town of husband, is to buy buy buy, et dai! That can be 'husband', taste quite well. Guys, didn't you get that? Because of the length is longer, in order to facilitate users to read, small make up can be divided into two sections, the article would like to know more of in sunglasses, please see the fashion sunglasses to match your beauty ( 2) 》。
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