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Fashion this additional problem how to do? Sunglasses on!

by:Eugenia     2020-07-31
Girls go out to wash the head because seriously, now comes the BB cream to put on the neck is pay more attention to it. Small make up feel, as a girl is to dress up to go out, but people are always in a hurry when, how should do? This time, if you want to give their own fashion points, sunglasses on! We all know that sunglasses are used to keep out sunshine, in the case of no makeup, wearing a pair of dark glasses to sunglasses value-added! Over more than half a face, not only realize the value of itself, your level of appearance, plus a lot of points back yo ~ let's look at how fashionistas use sunglasses! ! ! ! Reflective avant-garde dress and a color frame sunglasses, a see be fashionistas go out the collocation of street snap, drab dress add a package is too simple, wearing a pair of dark glasses is make the finishing point pen! Reddish brown assembly good sunglasses, full of feminine red collided with elliptical big frame glasses, collision sparks of what? Try it knew it! Small broken flower is also a popular element of summer, pure and fresh and tone floral skirt can also match the relative fashion sunglasses! Sunglasses also has a floral elements, two photograph echo, looks very harmonious? Look at the collocation of fashionistas, whether you want to buy a pair of sunglasses immediately give it a try? Don't worry, small make up and tell you something to buy sunglasses myth, see clearly and choose a pair of suits own it without shortchanging yourself. ( Relevant article: don't let bad sunglasses from three big mistake put bad eyes) Myth: can block the sunlight can protect an eye, according to relevant personage, wear sunglasses inferior, can burn the eyes. The pupil shrink under the strong light, using the regulating function of the human eye itself against uv rays and other harmful rays. In contrast, the pupil in light and dark conditions will enlarge. Wear sunglasses not uv inferior, the remnants of ultraviolet ray will be raking in the eyes, it is better to don't wear. If you often use this kind of uv protection sunglasses, not may burn my eyes. If burns are deep, the retina injury sensory cells may even cannot recover. Myth 2: dark mirror can block ultraviolet sunglasses can block ultraviolet light, because the lens with a layer of special coating. After lens coating, at the same time of block, absorb ultraviolet light, also blocks the useful part of the light, make the light transmittance of the lens have fallen. Sunglasses block uv ability and the color of the mirror depth and there is no direct relationship, really good quality sunglasses, blocking ultraviolet ability is strong, light transmittance drop it few, does not affect the general sharpness of vision. Myth 3: children wear sunglasses sun summer vacation is coming, many parents have taken the time to take children go out tourism, afraid of the sun hurt the child's eyes, so buy a pair of sunglasses for children to block the sun. The pupils are sensitive to strong light stimulation reaction of children, under the strong light can reduce into the fundus of the light. Children's eye's ability to adapt is very strong, even some inferior sunglasses, children also can quickly adapt to and do not feel uncomfortable. Therefore, generally do not give children wear sunglasses for decoration, as far as possible not to wear for a long time.
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