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Fashionable modelling glasses star to withstand the temptation

by:Eugenia     2020-08-13
Each person heart has lived a head & # 8220; The magic & # 8221; , want to have 1, 2 pieces of quality accessories, occasionally to bright dress up like a superstar eves addiction, especially many accessories, glasses can adapt to the formal and casual wear, also can decorate a face curve, variability, has always been a strong plaything.
this year chun xia's products are introduced in the design, whimsy version wings, cross, smiling face, and designer to design for inspiration in the 80 s science fiction wind, let glasses turns more modelling, sends out the thick & # 8220; The magic & # 8221; Taste, attract a lot of fashion bloggers, including, fashion icon Madonna also rise to play heart, like a young girl blows high explosive head, wear a large and exaggerated jewelry, collocation of color picture frame, charismatic to relive the movie 'Saturday Night Fever Saturday Night Fever'.
like movies & # 8220; Cocktail series & # 8221; Glasses, the rise of cultural concept of inspiration comes from the time of the 80 s, thought at that time, goes in tide tips of male and female, in colorful sweater, with music and dance, be permeated with the youth atmosphere. And French designer Mr Martin had to advise others admitted, his creative inspiration comes from childhood favorite cartoon, animation, comic books, and feel like the future of design combined with allergy science and technology of metal material, form a strong accessories!
Hugo Martin chun xia, another key design & # 8220; Fragments series & # 8221; Op art, inspired by the 70 s ( 光学艺术) , mirror design of corrugated three-dimensional effect on his foot, send out the psychedelic halo, there is a rock, ornate art taste. Another let fashion fans possessed American designer Jeremy Scott never press CARDS out, style bold, love wearing clothes to go to school at an early age, even called the & # 8220; Geek & # 8221; , with extremely creative remains indisputable facts. Again the introduction of Taiwan's Linda Farrow x Jeremy Scott glasses modelling, including extending from love and dida joint wing series JS Wings, three-dimensional Cross modelling of JS Cross, as well as metal hollow out smiling face of JS Smile, just one appearance it is under discussion.
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