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Fashionistas guidelines 2013 sunglasses fashion trend

by:Eugenia     2020-08-18
With the coming of the summer, sunglasses, no doubt has become many fashionistas purchase in advance to prevent bask in tide sheet is one of the indispensable. According to 2013 sunglasses fashion trend, but now is not just for sunshade tool oh, on the contrary, for those who have a strong exhibitionism, sun glasses is promoted to a 'fashion statement' and the technique of expression of individualism. Unlike in the past most of the sun glasses, now thin, transparent, and color is the mainstream keywords. If you understanding of sunglasses still stay in the same dark, you should ask yourself whether you OUT too much. After a year of color wind crazy attack, believe you sunglasses in addition to the traditional brown or gray, has at least one color the sun glasses. Whether it is mysterious purple, bright yellow, the avant-garde modern blue sea water, or the red is indispensable in spring and summer fashion sheet is tasted. In addition, this year the sun glasses to another big characteristic is shallow light transparent. Light to all sorts of color are like washed with gauze texture, through to see your every look, even the glass frame is the same. And, as with colorful spring/summer outfit, big sunglasses brand glasses but also on the color and model leads the trend of the season. Violet, pink, yellow, sky blue, light green in the set off of different clothing can fully show the indispensable vibrant colors, including the degree of double color gradient lens is liked by young myopia glasses friends. Although the sun glasses can make us feel passionate on the bridge of the nose, but improper wear also susceptible to eye disease. Glasses sunglasses factory network, experts say, if all occasions, it's cloudy and in low light situations such as wearing sunglasses indoors, eyes is likely to aggravate the burden, cause eye muscle tension and fatigue, appear the symptom such as dizziness, not long. Immature for the visual system of infants, children and other unfavorable also wearing sunglasses.
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