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Fashionistas love without a piece of glass frame

by:Eugenia     2020-08-11
Walk in the street, from time to time, you will find several of coming across the handsome boy pretty girl wearing a black glasses. More and more people found that glasses in addition to practical, has quietly among the accessories, gradually aligning with hairpin, earrings, necklaces and other position, even many people regard it as one of the popular accessories, just stand on the bridge of the nose feel & # 8220; The moisture is dye-in-the-wood the & # 8221; 。
reporter survey found that now has quietly become a fashion to wear glasses. Don't have any vision problems fashion people put the glasses into a kind of fashion accessories, wearing a pair of flat glasses or simply just a pair of frames.
according to a fashion shop clerk told reporters: the & # 8220; Recent buy young people did a lot of picture frame, eyesight is very normal, most of consumers they wear frames to modify face is beautiful. ” The reporter understands, this act the role ofing is tasted glasses on the market price is not expensive, generally in 15 yuan to 30 yuan, so buy attracted many young people, especially students.
according to introducing, this kind of picture frame because there is no lens, to the person's eyesight is not what is the impact. But he reminded those beautiful people loved flat lens, flat light when the choose and buy must pay attention, because this kind of flat lens to guarantee the quality of the consumer to wear the glasses after a period of time, can appear giddy, headache, symptoms of eye acid bilges and tears.
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