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Fashionistas teach you how to play with sunglasses this summer_Sunglasses Knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-12
Summer is here, it is a beautiful season. The sun shines on all things on the earth, but the harmful light it emits will hurt our glasses. At this time, we must take protective measures. It is said that if you do not protect your glasses when you are young, you will easily get cataracts in old age. So how to choose a pair of sunglasses that suits you? Let us wear healthy and fashionable. The lenses of sunglasses are also distinguished. There is a kind of dyed lens, which is dyed with a certain chemical color during the processing of the lens, so that the lens can show a color and can absorb light of a specific wavelength. This is very important in sunglasses. Common. There is also a painted lens. Although it looks the same as a dyed lens, its production method is different. It just paints the color on the surface of the lens, and the color only shows a darker color on the top. , This is generally if people with myopia can configure this kind of sunglasses with power. If you like outdoor sports, such as surfing and skiing, you can choose sunglasses with polarized lenses. This kind of vertical coating is added to the lenses to filter the dazzling light on the water or snow. We should choose the kind of lens according to the occasion and purpose we want to wear. Generally speaking, among the colorful lenses, brown and brown are better, because they have good color perception, there will be no deviation when looking at the object, and it can make us recognize the color of the object. Many people only pay attention to its decorative function when choosing sunglasses. In fact, we can't ignore its protective function, so it is better to choose a brand with a good reputation. In this way, a complete package can be worthy of our trust.
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