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'Fast fashion' - — New fashion glasses consumption

by:Eugenia     2020-08-11
The so-called & # 8220; Fast fashion & # 8221; , mainly includes three aspects: meaning, namely fast loading time, parity, and follow the fashion trends.
from the point of market competition, fast fashion are able to receive the favour of consumer, because of the fast fashion mode operation of the brand can provide rich and diverse products, improve the fashion selectivity of consumers. Zara、H& 米,芒果# 8230; … These brand glasses in 2007 years ago is not known to most Chinese consumers, in a few short years, the fast fashion & # 8220; Typical representative & # 8221; Are springing up in China. Many people may still remember H& M flagship store opened in Shanghai people queuing admittance when purchasing the & # 8220; Pomp & # 8221; While Zara ( Sayin pull) Near and announced that the number of stores in China doubled, 9 months to 60, and is constantly to expand second-tier cities. Fast fashion brands follow the trend of design, relatively low prices, fast update design and limited supply, all people to their enthusiasm, fast fashion brands have become the & # 8220; Golden signboard & # 8221; 。
fashion to the & # 8220; Fast, malicious, & # 8221; As the main characteristics of fast fashion grew rapidly and drive the global fashion trends. Glasses industry in recent years on the road, also in the fashion glasses has been from the beginning of vision correction tools into her body fashion products, glasses of style, color according to the fashion of highly sensitive, accurate identification and quickly with corresponding glasses, fast turn good ideas reflected in the design of the glasses, glasses style update speed always follow after season trend, the speed of new product to the store quickly, window display transformation frequency is n times a week. A pair of glasses to wear a few years old, consumption concept has clearly not adapt to the current fashion trends, have several sets of clothing should have a few glasses of & # 8220; Fast fashion & # 8221; Is the seasonal trend.

as an important part of fashion, glasses industry will also usher in their own & # 8220; Fast fashion & # 8221; Era, glasses fashion consumption group is the pursuit of individual character make public, emphasis on freedom of self, full of creative passion of the young generation, the pursuit of fashionable things according to the target groups, acceptance of new things and the level of consumption, play to brand fashion, fast, and value three core advantage, make the goal of this young consumer groups with less cost, to quickly get the tide of fashion dress up.
Shanghai new families of the glasses industry is famous for its fashion glasses, brand is the & # 8220; Fast fashion & # 8221; Pioneers, the average quarterly launched multiple series of hundreds of styles, from the popularity of fashionable personage. Young, poetic, passion, by low-key perfectionism NEW family and the international fashion design master for every Chinese urban youth like fashion taste, the pursuit of self experience with international fashion trends glasses. New family of glasses really will do the glasses fashion to change of fashion taste, more according to the particularity of glasses created a new model of the visual marketing, not only allows you to display in the window of fine try your dream glasses, match again in order to conform to the brand personality of clothing, overall modelling add appearance and colour for you.
just think, glasses consumption and upgrading of fashion, also can not only in the display window of any fine to try various glasses, guide also can enjoy professional attentive service with a smile, for making it real fast consumer goods, fashion glasses sales will double the sales model of several times than in the past, thus promote the development of the industry as a whole glasses
there is no doubt that in this era of consumption drift, & # 8220; Fast fashion & # 8221; Has become a typical business strategy. Face more fashion glasses choice at the same time, the consumer consumption desire, it's easy to be provocative, the wind of fashion is both easy to blow, and the same is easy to be covered with updated fashion. In such a background, enjoy the & # 8220; Fast fashion & # 8221; Become a kind of typical social characteristics of the network age. Glasses of the & # 8220; Fast fashion & # 8221; Tide also will become the main consumption trend
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