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Feel face not good-looking, not suitable for wearing sunglasses?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-07
All say there is no ugly women, only lazy woman, this sentence also applies on the sunglasses. Because many girls, feel oneself face, face, face, see his sunglasses, it is difficult to look in a variety of reasons emerge in endlessly. Small make up for the situation just want to say, no girl wearing glasses will not good-looking, only not understand according to the girl of his face with sunglasses. Then let small make up take you to get to know how to according to the face with sunglasses. First to compare your own face, heart-shaped face, round face, oval face, square face. 1, heart-shaped face. Heart-shaped face of girl, what do you want to match sunglasses how to match it. But small make up personal think, that kind of exaggeration of the glasses is the most accord with heart-shaped face girl. Fan bingbing is a representative of the heart-shaped face girl, are you a face. 2, round face. Round face meat too much worry most is the girl face, is not easy to match sunglasses. But you see li-ying zhao, sorry, wearing sunglasses is very beautiful and easy, although family level is high, the facial features delicate appearance, but it is also one right. Small make up recommend for round the girl in this is the cat's eye, butterfly, toad, sunglasses, because although these three special modelling, but is definitely the best sunglasses and a round face to note here don't wear sunglasses naive, round, light, because will reduce the grade of the sunglasses, but also not beautiful. Recommended reading: frog mirror lead the fashion trend strengthened 3, oval face. Oval face is most suitable for the girl wear sunglasses frame wide, because you can show face long, as long as it's not the kind of wide flat type is very suitable for sunglasses. Lin2 xin such as, l is a representative of the elliptical face girl. 4, a square face. Square face girl will always give a person a kind of the smell of sunshine, hale and hearty, the lack of lines on her face is too rigid. Square face so girls can take slightly rounded square sunglasses, can make the lines on her face look smooth. Li yuchun is worthy, Yang mi square face girl. Small make up of these, it is according to the face with sunglasses. Did you find, not his face not good-looking, but because you don't confident, and won't match. Want to know is that sunglasses are not like clothes, has high demands for height, body, with a pair of sunglasses to consider the factors or less. Hurriedly come on, believe you will be able to choose a pair of suitable sunglasses.
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