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Female star sunglasses covered face is good 'makeup'

by:Eugenia     2020-07-17
Sunglasses is necessary sheet is tasted, summer out street in it to help you resist ultraviolet light does not sting the eyes at the same time, also get in your charming eyes, isn't there a vivid three-dimensional, beautiful eyelash roll become warped long big eye makeup will let the charm points? NONONO ! With a little mind touch other parts also can earn enough to lead, not letter you see these a gleam of actress who is how concave shape. Mirror surface has been the fashion tide people suck out street eyes better choice, zhang ziyi wears this lens reflects the enchanting blue-green light, pink embellish skin foil to connect fully, deserve to go up again a full vigour of the coral color is red lip slightly up fine eyebrow and shallow a smile as if to tell everyone: married sister happy! Yang's square glasses. Cool? She coldly, unsmiling air dalai, assistant behind a madam, professional advice. Hit bottom makeup special immaculate uniform, dark brown bold black eyebrows and a square glasses together to show the presence of the Yang mi. Kitty zhang went to the seaside vacation to relax, dressed in a suit and a ponytail, wearing blue mirror mirror echo the beautiful sea. Skin white and tender to makeup feeling, and your lips with only the shallow lipstick is very vigorous. Zhang beauty don't forget to do sufficient prevent bask in, oh! Tiffany tang wearing sunglasses, hold down brim, don't look at really beyond recognition, in her long hair scattered on both sides of the great effect of repairing facial! Pink embellish lipstick is sweet, the skin white is good. How can wear sunglasses 'makeup' stand out? When we use sunglasses covering half a face, you don't need heavy make-up, as long as the foundation of bottom makeup, to highlight the eyebrows or lip shape! 1, the makeup before to make the water oil balance of skin, apply a mask and then not easily makeup makeup last longer on oh! 2, with good sunscreen, lay the bottom makeup, with BB frost or air cushion CC cream let you face all the drawbacks of contact; 3, if is the lens of the eyebrows, the painted eyebrows clearly have a type, if great circle lenses, such as in the figure simply eyebrow eye makeup in the province; 4, if the lens cover the eyebrow eye, can highlight the color of the lip to lift the spirit, if the dew of lenses have eyebrows eyebrow characterization is domineering, the lips with a meat pink shows neutral nature side is able to bear or endure look pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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