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Female star sunglasses photos come in who is worse

by:Eugenia     2020-07-29
What is the star? Star to wear with a lot of the time will become a kind of sample, a mock object for many fans, so many commodities will find celebrities ~ sunglasses as a kind of fashionable tide sheet is tasted, find the most popular stars wear sunglasses street snap, of course, is the necessary link. The female stars of different style sunglasses come in different street snap, to see who is better. Well-known actress car yong li exposure of a set of new street photos. Her comfortable natural and unrestrained in the photo, the collocation of basic item is efficient and easy do not break vogue again feeling. She dressed in army green coat with a narrow leg jeans, cool, roll up the edge while it looks the whole slender and fashion, the ornament of jujube, little red hat is just right, black super cool covering surface. From yong li privately nature with comfortable sex wear style, it can be seen in her life and easy simple character. Ray-ban RB4242 unisex eyeglass frame 710/73 hawksbill models and models of this kind of sunglasses were similar, partial circle. Tortoiseshell frames with dark brown lens, men and women are suitable for wear. Wang Ou this set of neutral retro photo large attack is full! In this photo, Wang Ou a grey suit, stars design add more for its bright color, spell able, but do not break again pure and fresh and cute. Large round frame sunglasses to cover the white face, more show frankness. From the ancient castle on the stone steps of leisurely, long legs 'national husband' aura, is glorious. Ray-ban RB3447 sunglasses 019/30 silver/shallow silver piece is still partial round sunglasses, it is more fruity and some, a few edges and corners. The lens color is cool and refreshing, very suitable for summer. As the queen of the national sentiment, fan bingbing and pasha years cooperation hand in hand to make a brand new fashion shoot, exhibit the elegance of the goddess of hot, a brand-new deduce the pasha glasses style charm. In this group of fashion shoot, fan bingbing incarnation 'ladies fashion intellectual beauty, beautiful faery fresh lady, aura strong fashionable queen, noble luxury socialite, enchanting sexy Muse, each modelling are amazing. C01 frame sunglasses factory S9103 sunglasses black/lens gradient the box type of sunglasses is very suitable for ladies wear, a modified face. If you want to make his face to become more compact, delicate might as well give it a try.
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