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FENDI 2018 chun xia series men's glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-21
FENDI 2018 chun xia men glasses series, with its consistent innovation style reveal FENDI man series impressive charm. This series include various styles of modern sunglasses and optical lens, detail chic, bold color, fully embodies the FENDI DNA, to shape a world fashion interesting FENDI eyeglasses. New FENDI masculine man glasses series fusion and grace, in combination with FENDI highest technology, using sophisticated geometry and symbolic elements. If I SEE YOU new sunglasses and optical glasses in FENDI Bag in the big eye modelling of Bugs, and FENDI ANGLE of its leg is using triangular elements and the metal crack details EYELINE ultra light metal frame is a new bright spot, echo FENDI man accessories and clothing series of compact stereo line, in fine point show elegant and delicate. Recommended reading: man how to choose sunglass brand new glasses series colour elegant and modern, acetate material frame bump color collocation nature such as blue, red, grass green color, and add a metal texture, bright eye dazzle gold, bright grey and blue details. FENDI found the perfect balance between tradition and innovation, to make new glasses series presents the first-class quality. FENDI ANGLE - 0014 FF M/S FENDI sunglasses and FF M 0015 optical mirror ANGLE sunglasses and optical glasses inspired by FENDI unique geometrical attainments, the iconic triangle detail design elements. Joker square sunglasses and circular optical lens positive were opening triangle, the framework of the iconic metal suture cleverly decorated its leg. FENDI ANGLE sunglasses ( FF M0014 model/S) With gray picture frame with grey lens, blue picture frame with blue lens, black nickel color picture frame with blue lens, and the black frame with grey lens a variety of color optional. FENDI ANGLE optical mirror ( Type of FF M0015) There are red, blue, black nickel color and black are optional. I SEE YOU - with FF FF M0017 / S sunglasses M0020 optical mirror, I SEE YOU sunglasses and optical glasses with bold color and unique details reflects the FENDI optimism. Contrast color and classic Bag Bugs big eye contour looks brand-new modelling makes glasses, and triangle detail and picture frame with metallic suture. I SEE YOU sunglasses, FF M0017 model/S) Red blue picture frame with brown lens, styles of picture frame with grey lens, blue bricks black/black nickel color collocation blue brick outline lens and the inter contour with blue lens is optional. I SEE YOU optical frames ( Type of FF M0020) There are aqua blue frame collocation, deep black nickel color optional collocation blue brick outline outline. EYELINE, FF M0022 / S sunglasses with FF M0023 optical lens EYELINE sunglasses and optical frames using simple geometric modelling, light continues the FENDI man accessories and clothing series of key design element. The framework of flat metal sunglasses and circular optical frame sharp surface conveys a subtle aesthetic balance, comparative and bright color make this kind of aesthetic feeling more intense. EYELINE sunglasses ( FF M0022 model/S) Including the style, gold and orange mirror legs pointed with blue mirror lenses, gray with day blue mirror legs pointed green polarized lens, light blue with brown lens day blue mirror legs pointed collocation, green and pink mirror legs pointed with grey lens. EYELINE optical frames using acetate and metal structure ( Type of FF M0023) Red, gray, black nickel color and black are optional.
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