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Fendi ( Fendi) Sunglasses interprets the millennials new force, invited the new generation power in various fields

by:Eugenia     2020-09-03
Release in December as art Basel Miami Beach show infinite artistic heat, fendi, Fendi) The website platform designed for the millennial generation is F for the recently invited in all areas of the new generation power, wear fendi ( Fendi) The sun glasses to explain their F: We are the fearless, the freaks and the free. 我们是F。 。 。 Fendi。 The tide pioneer fashion darling Sita Abellan with blue hair and blue nail collocation fendi ( Fendi) Double beam silver mirror reflective sunglasses, show infinite Miami Beach amorous feelings; Fashion bloggers Caro Daur chose the fendi ( Fendi) With pearl inlaid extremely thin metal frame round sunglasses to show fashionable girl loving personality; British professional skateboarder Ben Nordberg wearing a green circle frame sunglasses in series exhibit superb skills, at the same time create a relaxed movement young modelling; In the son of the Snoop Dogg, model, movie producers and clothing creative director arbitrary wander between multiple identities Cordell Broadus, choose to wear a pair of capable of round black frame sunglasses to show young people full of ideas and do not break sedate image; When red and people in the United States electric combination Lion Babe, mixer Lucas Goodman wear fendi ( Fendi) Dark polygon sunglasses, tie-in fun stripe printing jacket, night with partner to enjoy art. Recommended reading: what brand fendi fendi sunglasses is ( Fendi) FF0291S sunglasses Caro Daur wear fendi FF0295S sun glasses ( Fendi) FF0295S sunglasses Ben Nordberg FFM0025S wearing sunglasses Lion Babe - Lucas Goodman FFM0022S wearing sunglasses
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