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FENDI HYPNOSHINE series of sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-07
FENDI readily launched the latest 2016 - 17 HypnoShine qiu dong series of sunglasses. The new sun glasses for FENDI - 2016 17 the design inspiration of qiu dong series, fruity 'FENDI Waves' geometric type wave from the mirror edge has been spread to the picture frame, echoed the moire patterns of clothing series, romantic breath, natural and fluent lines picture frame, slightly hollow handle with some nifty, hyperplane lenses and show some rigorous. The unique creative, feminine traits, pure lines, under the perfect balance of these details, female glamour. HypnoShine series sunglasses very retro futurism, restore ancient ways round lens and futuristic metal frames, line again in order to extend from the lens side to hit on the picture frame color wavy lines, greatly shows the FENDI innovation technology and consummate craft, let the sun glasses showing another liquidity and portability. The fashion, but also with practical, FENDI is always insist on. The color of the glasses with 2016 - echo The colour and lustre of qiu dong series: metal with wine red wine red amber gradient lenses with amber wine red stripes; Black metal with turquoise blue gradient lenses and black with turquoise stripes; Dark blue metallic taupe grey blue gradient lenses and red with dark blue stripes; Green metal with green gradient lenses and sky blue with green stripes. New FENDI HypnoShine sunglasses will FENDI in September 2016 boutiques and specify the high-end store had sold around the world. Look at this magical color stripe, as if by hypnosis was attracted, HypnoShine sunglasses into the fantasy world of FENDI leading you. Please to Fendi's official website to enjoy the full version video films. Pay attention to color # # FENDI mirror, share HypnoShine sunglasses charm this article from YOKA fashion website, we are committed to promoting authority, professional knowledge, such as the influence of original rights and interests, please contact the small make up, we will delete the first time. E-mail: kaity @ yichao. Cn
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