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Fendi sunglasses brand Fendi ms 2018 chun xia series

by:Eugenia     2020-09-05
Ms FENDI sunglasses brand FENDI introduced a spring/summer 2018 new TROPICAL SHINE series sunglasses, blowing up a warm TROPICAL breeze. FENDI sunglasses series new bring strong Caribbean with tropical vacation appearance color and amorous feelings, with FENDI spring/summer 2018 women's clothing series perfect fit. TROPICAL SHINE sunglasses series as a whole for large aviator sunglasses that grabs an eye, the use of epoxy resin and metal material double beam, prominent FENDI material collocation of ordinary power, while the geometry of metal mirror legs with FENDI eyeglasses series classic Iridia trademark design, in the shape of a picture frame bold against more elegant. Shiny transparent lens and the gradient warm tonal lit up the whole range of colour combination, in the light blue and tobacco, such as pink and red and black and crystal capable elegant is tonal, revealed. Recommended reading: which country FENDI sunglasses brand sunglasses brands FENDI launched new FENDI TROPICAL SHINE of the sun glasses series will in February 2018 in global FENDI boutiques and select high-end store had launched ( FF 0316 paragraph/S)
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