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Ferragamo sunglasses and watches

by:Eugenia     2020-08-01
Moet &chandon and Mosley Tribes sunglasses can cross-border cooperation, Ferragamo has also combined sunglasses and watches. Salvatore Ferragamo's creative values at the core of the brand has always been adhering to the concept and establish a deep connection between modern demand and communication. Ferragamo Buckle series was born on the basis of this, it is Salvatore Ferragamo sunglasses and watches series star, is the designer for the buckles, 扣) The modern interpretation of the - — Is not only used for purely decorative elements of brand shoes and accessories, also has the corresponding design and functionality. Ferragamo Buckle series in accordance with the buckles ( 扣) The modelling to redesign the front of the sunglasses will be focused on the details of the products turned into a big sign. Series of high-tech plate and metal to build, is the perfect combination of creative, functional and cutting-edge technology, from high-tech plate frame, the casing outside the metal is, to a whole piece of metal hinge of fashion and its leg and use laser engraving Ferragamo logo on the right side of the lens. There are four fashion color to choose from - — Black and gold color, light a cigar and gold, and deep cigar paragraphs with golden color, ivory and gold. Ferragamo Buckle series is a joint series combines Ferragamo sunglasses and watches. The outline of the design of watches and sunglasses positive photograph echo, is a traditional exquisite Swiss tabulation technology applied in the field of design. 37 mm diameter stainless steel or gold IP case with its unique modelling, bell cover bezel is metal or black, beige, or pattern of curvature of the high-tech plank, correspond with the sunglasses frame design. Champagne, silver, dark brown or black dial is beautifully decorated with the twisted rope pattern of the complex, diamond-encrusted rim digital scale.
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