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Ferragamo sunglasses?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-20
Ferragamo sunglasses? Ferragamo sunglasses as pioneer of fashion sunglasses brand, derived from the famous Italian brand Ferragamo ( Ferragamo) 。 Its design style and showily elegance, practicability and equal emphasis on style, with traditional manual design and style, enjoy good reputation in the world of quality, is now officially entered the Chinese market. About Ferragamo sunglasses friend, must know the brand in 2011 the jungle printing series of sunglasses. This series of sunglasses with elegant appearance, elegant lines, downy burnish, foil a different mirror legs fine printing design. And novel Acetate material printing technology to greater reduction of line and color patterns, faithfully the wonderful design on the scarves. The jungle printing series sunglasses listed, capture the heart of a lot of female friends. Recently, Ferragamo ( Ferragamo) Released its 2013 series new glasses. Sunglasses there are many colors to choose from this season, classic brand logo Gancino and Vara use the polished metal or of bright-coloured color adornment, let glasses shiny. Classic rectangular lens with the gradient, the gradient purple, wine red gradient color such as turquoise, dark look, tortoiseshell, catering to different dress and makeup look. Small make up believe Ferragamo new glasses series, will inevitably caused quite a stir in glasses fashion, let's wait and see!
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